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the ghost girl

One night a family had cameras all around the house because they thought that it was haunted. The next night someone nokced on the door but none was there when she went out side the door was locked then she seen a shadow the light turned on then the baby started crying...



The devil was finally killed. No wait I shouldn't start the story like that, you don't know what has happened in the past.

"Come on Grace wake up we have got to get to school!" The three best friends, Amy, Izzy and Grace had just finished  their sleepover. 

"Did anyone else have another dream last night?" Exclaimed Izzy?

"Yeah that one, the one about the Devil!" The girls might have seemed innocent but in the past, they had been very dark, they still had one last secret, which only 2 people knew. 


For Christmas I got a telescope from my Nan and Grandad. It came with a special filter so you can look at the sun with it, today I got it out and the sun looked amazing with it. Me and my Dad took lots of pictures of what it looked like. 

Christmas Day

I hope everyone's Christmas is going well I got a lot of interesting things. My brother got a vertual reality headset! What did you all get?????????

Martin mere

Yesterday I went to Martin mere with my Mum, brothers ,Nan and Grandad and cousin. We saw lots of different birds like flamingos and shellducks.  Most of the birds could just go wherever they wanted to,  but some of them were in big cages. We all fed the ducks from our hands and they tickled us. It was very fun, hopefully I can go again soon!smiley

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